Cartier jewelry and youth

Youth, wantonly make public, crazy run, and then gorgeous fall, fall silent, because up to sprint to the shore, in the campus of the university of complete reversal. University, youth bloom in the garden of Eden, the songhua river filled with vitality and passion. Youth publicity; on university’s dreamworks. Night at the university of youth dazzle colour, apply colours to a drawing gives the mellow; Youth is priceless, wanton in the university of ivory tower. University, the youth is wanton, here are we too much fantasy. Each bird fly all need a pair of wings, each ship sailing need a pair of OARS, every ideal of youth need a dreamworks, once upon a time, the university is our dreamworks. Our fantasy, infinite imagination, not fantasy become reality when the boundless fantasy, we integrated into our paradise, the dreamworks entered the university. It seems that we still not ready, just accept the military training of baptism we were to follow corporate activities get overwhelmed. Plenty of spare time to just under the weight of liberation in the university entrance exam we at a loss. But also good, the older sister with enthusiastic leads us to meet the university life colourful. Although university course is relatively easy, but comprehensive compete to become more competitive. Student cadre’s campaign, the development of campus activities. Everything, as if just happened all of a sudden. Because life is not can preview, so we want to stay happy face everywhere. Youth is symbol of the university of symbols. Nothing is more precious than youth. But only in the university can incisively and vividly, youth or short leave memories of youth can be mediocre. Some say no, university life is not complete, here you are. We can change the words to “no university youth is not a complete” if youth is a case of jewelry, there is the university of youth is the Cartier jewelry; If youth is a leather bag, there is the university of youth is the wallet in the Louis vuitton; If youth is a dress, a university of youth is the chanel dress; If youth is a sports car, there is the university of youth is the ferrari sports; If youth is a piano, a university of youth is the steinway piano; If youth is a famous painting, there is the university of youth is the painting of Mona Lisa. If youth is a cup, a university of youth is the wedgwood cup. Youth is priceless, the university’s youth is more precious, don’t let our memories of youth, there is a regret. So from now on will do every thing, don’t leave useless for memories. Freshman days will soon be in the past, looking back at that moment of time, will become the memories. Yesterday is past, tomorrow is unknown, can grasp the only today. Youth is short, art is fleeting. Grasp now, hard for our tomorrow! University is a good place to can create the miracle, let us in this knowledge for tomorrow at the vast sea wind waves. My youth, to discard the luxuriant leaving university this a lotus pond moonlight. My youth, this kind of faded enchanting leaving university the izu dancer. My university, flashing clever notes, write a song earthsound’s youth praise; My university, vibrant spring, bloom the flower beaming of youth. My youth, my university, wantonly make public passion, blossomed in the depth of my life, blossom! Blossoms bloom a song of youth, a beaming youth wonderful work!

Remind us cherish the time watch – Tortue series wrist watch

In numerous watches Cartier, to say the most mysterious, making the most complex will say kadeya Tortue wrist watch, the watch of this series is the first calendar watch of wrist watch, it has the function of recording time, can see the date of the recent period of time.
Says from the function, this watch have calendar function, using the homemade brand’s first automatic chain calendar movement 9422 MC. Can be very large hollow out dial appreciate the fine production movement. Dial position for instantaneous jump at six o ‘clock, retrograde week display pointer, twelve o ‘clock position for the flat display panel in a leap year and, for instantaneous jump in a pointer, flat leap year is a small needle gently moving. Date display adopted and the hour hand, minute hand coaxial blue peach shape steel needle, also has the function of instantaneous jump display.
Cartier Tortue wrist watch made in 1912, then became the 20th century 20 s Cartier one of the most legendary watch of wrist of complex function. This movement for Cartier first homemade calendar automatic movement, week, date display function and novel calendar display function.
9422 MC movement with the above characteristics are present in the noble position of hollow out dial: in a retrograde pointer display week, big window shows the date, month and year is displayed in 12 position.
Cartier launched in 1912, designed for women Tortue series wrist watch, graceful arc curve and elegant design colorful unsurpassed dial. In 1928, Cartier to launch its first Tortue series men’s wrist, obviously, graceful arc also attractive to men.
Cartier Tortue series calendar use Cartier watch 9422 MC automatic mechanical movement, has the perpetual calendar complex function, make its power to be reckoned with.
Calendar mechanical watches with complex mechanical system, can accurately show various calendar function, including week, date, month, the moon and leap year. Perpetual calendar watch and date function and other lists of the difference is that after wrist function set, can automatically adjust the date of the change each month, and can distinguish different months of 28 days, 29 days, 30 and 31 days. The calendar function only mechanical system can be achieved.
Says from the function, this watch have calendar function, using the homemade brand’s first automatic chain calendar movement 9422 MC. Can be very large hollow out dial appreciate the fine production movement. Dial position for instantaneous jump at six o ‘clock, retrograde week display pointer, twelve o ‘clock position for the flat display panel in a leap year and, for instantaneous jump in a pointer, flat leap year is a small needle gently moving. Date display adopted and the hour hand, minute hand coaxial blue peach shape steel needle, also has the function of instantaneous jump display. The implementation form of the calendar function is a very classic (reference), just made some adjustment on the layout, used on week according to the need for inverse jump technology arc plate in one direction. Overall impressions on the dial on six pointer, can make rich but not messy is very not easy. Dial a whole has enough air, on the premise of contain Pointers so much, still can keep the Cartier classic large Roman word time scale, it serves to show the proceed of the brand.
Taken together, this is a based on the classical modeling Tortue the calendar display wrist watch, style is elegant atmosphere, design elements and not messy, rich full more highlights composed and connotation of spirit temperament. Wrist interloper friends wear may seem too big. We know that north American retail price at around $65000, or about 400000 yuan. There is also a platinum material with black alligator strap version, price and rose gold. Small make up personal is very appreciate the Cartier brand unique charm, think of the prices of the perpetual calendar Tortue very cost-effective.
Cartier Tortue series wrist watch is one of my favorite series wrist watch, because it not only look good, but also can be used as a calendar, can remind us cherish the time, don’t allow my life to regret it.

Cartier watches automatic winding machine

Cartier plans in 2013 to launch a Calibre DE Cartier series full of the flavor of male sports timing wrist watch. The watch the continuation of the Calibre of the function of pure time DE Cartier many design elements, and a rose gold and stainless steel two kinds of materials to choose from.
Movement Eta2892 – a2 as two major stores treasure Eta movement, one of the precision, stability, wear-resisting, etc widely praise, Cartier self treatment for this kind of movement, the biggest advantage is that the bidirectional chain store, double the box on the energy storage, to ensure the energy storage for 2 days. With that movement, the shape of the table is commendable.
Cartier Calibre DE Cartier watches, Cartier 1904 – PS MC automatic winding machine, stainless steel watch case, watch 42 mm in diameter, 18 k rose gold ring, a rotary dial, luminous sword steel needle shape black oxidation, stainless steel rose gold watch chain, 30 meters waterproof.
Overall description: watchcase size 29 x 41 mm, 8 mm thick. Model 2319, square case, the second hand, automatic winding machine, waterproof, stainless steel material “pack” watch, 3 when position with date display, stainless steel material kadeya watch bracelet, with double fold hidden clasp.
Machine configuration: 077 movement, rhodium plated, Fausses grain decoration, 25 rubies, straight lever escapement, sheet metal balance wheel, suspension device, since the compensation balance spring, dial, watchcase and movement have signature.
2 mm diameter stainless steel casing, table 4, the bottom of the table, sapphire crown set with a convex circular synthetic spinel. Silver ivory dial, 7 pieces of black Roman numerals and 4 pieces of luminous time scale. Cartier bent 1904 PSMC automatic mechanical movement, with time, small points, the second hand and calendar display window. Black alligator leather strap with buckle folding table. 30 meters waterproof
When Cartier will be bent on its own research and development of the first pieces of automatic mechanical movement, diameter of only 25. 1904 PSMC into 6 mm Calibrede Cartier 42 mm watchcase, it represents the brand ideal male table size. Cartier watches never constrained in style, shape and size, its traditional Santos, Tank series watches (rectangular case) size is not small, “blue balloon” and Pasha series of large and complex function appeared in recent years of gauge diameter were more than 4 0 mm.
Calibrede CARTIER’s personality is very bright, its bezel through polishing processing, and to the direction of the dial sloped down two 8 degrees; The watch case is using wire drawing processing, crown with strong shoulder, exposed, and the fixed screw in the Cartier past days she is in the table, so elegant and uninhibited and temperament of the two opposite ground integrated together, also known as “avenue, each side”. In addition, the design of the dial and the crown also make full use of the width and thickness of this watch.
Cartier watches automatic winding machine, removes our manual winding trival things, can help us effectively save time, let’s have more plenty of time to do our own thing.

Cartier’s senior jewelry series

Cartier as a traditional jewelry manufacturers, it USES the traditional handmade combined with modern technology to make jewelry, with unlimited creativity and endless innovative thinking, and dare to break the traditional brave. Played the Cartier jewelry should, therefore, some light, making jewelry jade has its own value.
Mix of Cartier jewelry workshops of modern philosophy and traditional process, for creativity, precision and innovative unfettered free development space, to explore new field development, and ensure the Cartier force perfect forever.
Since its inception, Cartier jewelry workshop is based on the continuous improvement of organization innovation. And customer satisfaction as the basic idea of all decision-making core, has led to the 2005 “made kadeya” plan. This plan, no matter which is responsible for the process of employees, to actively listen to customer voice. This commitment requires all staff participation, as well as the key of sustainable development, and aimed at fully ensure kadeya owns high quality products and services.
Cartier’s classic innumerable, Love bracelet and ring from leopard, screw, sanjin ring, circular Wells Pasha, Santos flight table to table by tanks to Tank, it is interesting to note that the emergence of a lot of inspiration are accidentally classic design, this brand was founded in 1847 as “imperial jeweller, the emperor of jeweller”, Love with royal numerous, still is the dream of many brands, both is a dream yiping.
Senior Cartier jewelry series, for the extreme beauty, perfect show of diamonds that delicate, carved with perfect design and technology, make the diamond that bright is dazzing ray burst forth from the Lord of the rings, let the happiness of the bride foil more perfect, feminine charm.
Was born in 1985, the designer for the first time of the maximum limit reduced with massiness and especially emphasizes the luster of a diamond, is a classic diamond engagement ring series of longevity. Since appearance do manual work is delicate balance, line is concise, radian round harmony. Refined four claw set a let a person produce diamond inlaid in a ring of illusion out of thin air. The seemingly simple appearance, is actually a difficult balance design, the crystallization of heavy and complicated and exquisite workmanship process, like two people is about to begin a new life.
In the 20th century 60 s and seventy s, the theme of “love and peace” permeated throughout the world.
Cartier architect Aldo Cipullo in order to make the people regain faith in the LOVE and commitment, in Cartier in 1969, New York studio design can express LOVE and loyalty to “LOVE” bracelet. The birth of it as the symbol of the love ever and volunteers in the seventy s. This bracelet with a unique “screws” design can only be opened by couples with a special screwdriver can, means eternal love. Its design concept to love as the theme, fasten the bracelet Yu Ailv wrist, use a screwdriver to lock love, without a screwdriver, bracelet will not be open; Wearing the jewelry as tie two hearts forever together. Its biggest characteristic is to by the couple together cooperation can wear, two people to image interpretation of love, trust and loyalty.
Significance of Cartier jewelry symbolized the LOVE, that LOVE can be expressed in the form of Cartier, it is because of the original interpretation of “LOVE” bracelet for LOVE, it immediately as it comes to be recommended for couples in LOVE, but also many star couple in LOVE, such as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard burton, Sophia loren and carlo ponti, ali McGraw and Steve, who quinn, Nancy sheen that bends and frank to the flexor and Diane Canon and Gary GeLang.

Pure manual Cartier jewelry

In Cartier jewelry is pure handmade, creative, accord with the public aesthetic, and the perfect quality of service.
Within the workshop, jewelry, Mosaic, polishers, clocks and watches, casting with polyethylene. In Paris, there is no a jewelry studio like Cartier, to gather the type of work of the craftsmen working in the same time, it can improve the speed of production, can also have the highest commercial secrets. And, Cartier in order to adhere to its consistent excellent quality, all designers graduated from the French school of art, and most of the technologist have more than 20 years of work experience. In this way, each a senior Cartier jewelry, condensation with wisdom, time, passion and monographs, from design to the final finished the whole team to spend several months or even years.
Bought kadeya buying diamonds and precious stones jewelry raw materials hand has a wealth of experience. Cartier selected diamonds, must choose from 400 above the diamond is the most charming, colour and lustre is consistent, can use the highest quality.
When Cartier designers get special selection after rare and are of good quality gem, will first according to the very nature of the gem, such as shape, size, luminosity draw much money on drawings design prototype. In the design of the effect on the color map, landmark will be detailed out the color and size, after reviewing, discussing and modify many times also.
In order to reflect modelling details as realistic as possible, will design sketch to soft or hard wax wax forming, carved by the suitable volume. Then dug holes needed for the stone setting on model, to model test of gems put again, get the best set position, paint the model at the same time, to feel the stones arranged a sense of color. Gem is through perfect pictures after cutting, permutation and combination, computing gem weight, cutting, take photos, then make a melted metal model, responsible for applications such as metal weight calculation. To complete this step, is the calculation steps are completed, and upon examination and approval by the chief designer, decide the final ideal style.
No processing of diamond and gem also without luster, only through training Fu precise design, wonderful artical excelling nature of art, can be uncovered the veil of the diamond and gem. Jewelry division will pass calculated refractive index and calculate the rate of color, to find the best cutting point for cutting, ensure it sends out a the most perfect light. With good ductility of silver material in the early embryo, help to diamond and Mosaic diameter measurement. And then the actual finished metal sat carver, carved out of the hole. If making a more complicated design, designers try to make an important part of this, to test the tactility and smooth feeling. With wax figure of the gem mould, in the design of embedded test set, observe the collocation of color. Varies from one Mosaic method according to gem, including tsubaki set, with claws, dense set or embedded Mosaic, etc. No matter if a big goose egg or small as rice, completed by manual Mosaic, so it is very time consuming process, test the naked eye, the hand and balance ability, jeweler because these precious stones, once the force is undeserved, can damage in the process of inlay.
Jewelry division by fixed or hinged, the jewelry parts together, let the perfect dynamic jewelry presented itself. In addition to the specific form, designers will decorate to different kinds of gem jewelry, make these jewels more perfect.
Not only need the jewelry surface polishing and rhodium plating. With cotton thread on the details, will be the special polishing agent, before and after the stone setting, grinding polishing process many times, especially focuses on Mosaic holes burnish, can make the gem is a best sheen and the brightness. Finally, be in in rhodium plating on perfect products to prevent oxidation, make jewelry eternal brilliance.
Finally, each piece of Cartier kadeya’s mark in the high-end jewelry will be carved with Numbers, marks the jewelry unique identity. Jewelry designer throughout each step with gems. They work closely with technical personnel, to evaluate the quality of work, each detail and the overall feeling of finished product are strictly controlled. Every work, condensed the gem craftsman, stone setting, mould polishers cutting goldsmith’s joint efforts and endeavors.
This is because the Cartier jewelry manufacturing division have the creativity, perfect and pure manual production, so we will do better more, bigger.

The pursuit of perfect Cartier watch

Cartier as my favorite, I always had a habit of collection of works of its story, Cartier symbol that devoted love, is eternal, a symbol of affection, strong like wine, is a symbol of friendship, I good friend.
There are many series of Cartier watches, such as, the blue balloon series, card LiBo series, series of Libre, Baignoire series, etc., is a household legendary classic works.
CALIBRE series
Casing on convex table circle is smooth, soft and strong powerful watchcase contrast. It to dial is 28 degrees tilt, natural scale has been extended to dial 120. Reminiscent of the clock and watch gear fine detail processing, but also this new man watches the Cartier watch workshop essence of interpretation.
Contour line is strong, solid crust, novel and chic. The CALIBRE of modern fashion sense extremely DE CARTIER made independently by CARTIER watch with completely new movement: 1904 MC type machine core, for the production of CARTIER watch open a new chapter in history.
ballon bleu de cartier
Wrist watch celebrity kadeya continuance innovation essence, pour in the three kinds of new fashion watches masterpiece: open timing clock speed passion, dial diamond watches can reveal elegant luxury beauty, ultrathin sheet explaining trend in the future. New work, should have the same effect on the Cartier master of art imagination there that day, create a new round of “blue balloon” fashion trend!
Series of timing clock speed passion – blue balloons
And fluent modelling, interesting interaction, Cartier blue balloon series timing clock on classic silhouette, add timing complex function, bringing people and machinery new pleasure to communicate with each other. In the black plaid dial at 3 o ‘clock and 6 o ‘clock, counting minutes and seconds, respectively, small needle plate to replace the classic Roman numerals, harmonious arrangement on the dial; Date pane is moved to the nine o ‘clock by the time scale, concise and clear. Overall these wrist watches dial design stable balance, militantly proclaim. Light sapphire crown or so, and put the standard double button, press, between the flow of time drove in control. Pursuit of speed, brandish moment of passion, blue balloon series timing clock accurate operation. Equipped with timing function of watch of wrist of blue balloons, leap upgrade set time limit for measuring time, a powerful tool, to follow the footsteps of time and is no longer drab. Professional mature appearance, simple and practical function, let the Cartier blue balloon series of timing clock in fast and furious, really become a luxury watches for all-weather wear.
Elegant luxury beauty – blue balloon series dial with 11 diamond wrist watch
Cartier another title of “imperial jeweller, the emperor of jeweller”, endowed with blue balloon wrist watch series more possibilities. selective
Top diamond Mosaic, consummate technics, perfect gorgeous design, watch of wrist of blue balloons will turn into a woman dreams of love dandle Jane. Accurate punctuation when set on the dial 11 a precious diamond, as if deep blue bright stars in the sky, in the light guiding the time steps. Dial diamond with the crown on sapphire, and in the wrist of heart, painted a beautiful picture of a deputy ZhongXingPengYue. On the dial and lucidity of diamonds, tie-in rose gold or crocodile leather strap, conveys a completely different moving charm. Charm and charm, rose gold diamond covered to as much new clothes, set off the unique elegant charm; While color alligator strap by diamond, with lively colour gorgeous mood, with comfortable tactility express feminine temperament.
Clever fashion – series of ultra-thin watch blue balloons
Times change, the wind of ultra-thin watch return again. Have deep tabulation attainments Cartier stand at the front end of the trend, again with new thin blue balloon series wrist watch declared to the world. Ultra-thin body, light texture, the blue balloon wrist watch series conventional elegant deduce acme. In 46 mm diameter super watch, reframe the mechanical movement parts, bring out the best in each other. Watchcase respectively USES rose K gold, white gold and platinum. Among them, the rose gold and white K gold watch with silver carved lines dial, elegant and exquisite; Platinum watch money is lined with dark blue dial, hidden endless future.
Libre series
Perles DE Cartier pearl lady’s watch
Perles DE Cartier pearl women’s watches used the typical form of optimum composition, time mark on the dial pattern according to the corresponding deformation of the shape of the dial, hiding the dew, sympathetic, presents an action conflict and fusion of each other. In addition, the use of pearl is to enrich the content of the portfolio composition, rich in aesthetic characteristics and strong decorative taste.
Baignoire series
The very essence of Cartier Baignoire wrist watch series is the real contour lines. Oval creation is a unique and temptation by Louis Cartier (LouisCartier) in 1912. In 1956, which inturn oval bangle watch has his own name, but it was already with other classic masterpiece of brands such as Tank and Santos series and so on. In 1968, watches series of paragraphs to join elongation and very large, and derived a number of different innovation design. Until 1973, wrist watch was named Baignoire. Because have a remarkable history, can achievement beyond time and space in the air today.
Through clever set-up, the new style show the accuracy and balance, the brand innovation of the traditional spiritual sublimation again: a full of female image of the wrist watch, the perfect fusion of the characteristics of the soft wen wan and extremely rigorous.
Women dream and elegant temperament is the brand of different fusion tags again: straight Roman numerals, fly line, point, line scale of rail.
Of course, there are a lot of Cartier watches series, there are a lot of brand, we will learn one by one.